Lisa Galibardy knows good jewellery

All hail Lisa Galibardy, who has lifted the bar on quality, quirky jewellery. has a sumptuous collection of beautifully eccentric rings, necklaces and earrings, inspired by anything from tattoos to teeth to animal skulls.

In between bouts of essay writing/revision at Uni, I would finding myself drifting onto this site and falling into an accessories trance and by 9pm, I still might not have finished the first paragraph of the essay but I would have several excellent outfit and jewellery combinations worked out. Now, being a fully fledged worker and OUT of my student overdraft for the first time, I no longer have to dream – my galibardy tattoo necklace arrived in the post the other day. Oh, never have I been so excited to receive mail.

You know you’re onto a good thing when the home page dons a surreal Alice in Wonderland-esque scene…. Not only does Lisa design amazing jewellery but she knows what’s big right now, and that we’re all lusting after mad hatter pendants and cheshire cat rings. Yes please!

I mustn’t go mad though, just as tattoos become addictive after getting your first, so do tattoo necklaces. I might find that overdraft rearing its ugly head once again…


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