Like something out of a fairytale

I am completely entranced by these fairytale-esque models that seem to have become all the rage since Ruslana Korshunova. I absolutely love the story of how Ruslana was found and Debbie Jones’s (Senior Booker for Model 1)quote:

“I saw her by chance and she looked like something out of a fairytale! We had to find her and we searched high and low until we did!”

Ruslana, was just completely bewitching with her feline features and Rapunzel hair, and, although I am not one of these people that mourns the death of a celebrity as though they were a close friend, Ruslana’s death did strike a chord with me, as it was literally like something out of a Shakespearian tradegy. She has clearly inspired models, their bookers and designers all over the world as long, cascading waves of hair start to dominate the catwalk once again.

Another model that I’m fixated with at the moment is Sasha Pivovarova, who also looks like she jumped straight from the pages of some archaic myth! I love her super icey blue eyes.

Sasha is classic new age supermodel – lanky, alien-like, other-worldy and utterly striking….. In which sense you care to use the word striking is up to you – I’d imagine the boys with the Kelly Brook posters on their walls wouldn’t use it positively, but editorially speaking, and to me, she is strikingly beeeyoootiful! I’m digging this new brigade of long haired fairytale models – Agyness Deyn may be the padded shouldered jacket, but Sasha Pivovarova is the shearling aviator.

Which models do you find fairytale-like or really striking?


One response to “Like something out of a fairytale

  1. I love Sasha – although I don’t love that fake unibrow they’ve given her there! Can’t believe it’s been two years already since Ruslana fell off the balcony.

    My all time favourite model is Karen Elson and I really think she has a fairy-tale quality about her; that skin! that hair!


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