A Sartorial Swine

We all love making a statement, but the notion of wearing a pig’s head on your finger doesn’t automatically signal high fashion. That is until you see jewellery  by FSAugusta. I always think eccentric fine jewellery must be so hard to get right for jewellery designers, because you’re in danger of having it likened to some of the kitsch crap pushed on ebay (plastic cassette players on ready-to-rust chains, you know the sort). FSA’s collection however, hits the high fashion nail on the head and manages to simultaneously be fun AND totally beautiful. And so it should be, when it incorporates gems such as coral, onyx, emeralds and sapphires into its pieces.

FSAugusta Pig Ring with Black Diamonds

Thorny Devil Amethyst Earrings

FSA reminds me why I love brands with signature items… forget clutches, ballet pumps or trench coats – FSA has akomodo dragon. Collection one introduced the baby komodo hatching from it’s egg on earrings, necklaces and rings…

Komodo Egg Ring with Yellow Gold and Agate Spots

Hatching Komodo Dragon necklaces

By FSA’s second collection, komodo has hatched, and now a grown-up dragon dominates the collection, featuring on various pieces. How. Cute. Is. That? (And How. Brilliant. A. Marketing. Campaign. Is. That? – I’m sold!)


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