Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Alexander Wang’s shop.

Oh what’s this? Another ultra modern / abstract art gallery in the middle of New York? No it’s only Alexander Wang’s bloody flagship store! Who even cares about his clothes any more when he does shops like this!

No, I do still care about his clothes.

There hasn’t been that much that’s jumped out at me from the New York shows, so instead I thought I’d blog about something that really has caught my eye…  LOOK AT IT.

Oh what's that? Just a FOX FUR HAMMOCK in the centre of the store (actually for customers to make use of)

And that? Oh just a big cage (for special installations / product collaborations)

I am total a sucker for this kind of thing, I love anything experiential, but shops have got to be my favourite because imagine something as banal as a shop, which has, for so long, existed purely for practical reasons. Whether it sells luxury goods or groceries, a shop is still just a place that houses the goods people want / need to buy. It has always been the items that are important, the importance of the building in which they sit, extends merely to the fact that it provides a convenient space for them to be displayed / sheltered / kept safe. For shop interiors to now have as much allure and excitement as the clothes themselves I think is brilliant! It makes shopping that much more exciting! I’m hoping in the future more high street stores will cotton on to this, imagine how much more amazing (if it’s possible) the Topshop flagship store could be with a theme or with an interactive element…


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