Fairytales, Fantasy and Marchesa dresses

Marchesa Luisa Casati

Of course it’s always exciting to see the barmy, controversial and never-done-before creations that are thrown up every season by a select few designers.  But every now and then I just like to swoon over the more elegant designs. A few posts ago I mentioned Marchesa, a label that that takes inspiration from Marchesa Luisa Casati. There is nothing I love more than labels with interesting muses, and seeing as Luisa Casati was a woman who paraded cheetahs around on diamond encrusted leashes and wore snakes as jewellery, you can predict that Marchesa as a label will be fraught with opulence and charm before you’ve even studied the clothes.

And the clothes, of course, are intensely beautiful and womanly, hence the huge celebrity following. Sometimes I get bored of edgy, ultra modern designers like Wang or Betsey Johnson, and just want to revert to my 7 year old Cinderella-loving self and appreciate Georgina and Keren’s fairytale and fantasy-like creations which have the power to turn any woman into a princess (….or a poisonous yet beautiful witch, or a fearless Mulan-style, warrior girl!)


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