Imagination: “What you’d expect Neverland to smell like…”

Went along to the launch of Imagination, the new fragrance by Disney, at the new Oxford Street Disney Store last week. Being a self-confessed Disney fan myself (I’m talking old Disney though – Mickey Mouse, Princess Aurora and all that), it was a magical evening for me. Not only have they launched a fragrance range but they have a whole new store with a whollllle neeewww wuurrrlddd within it.

The new concept store made me want to be a child again. At risk of sounding like an Old Mother Hubbard – kids do not know they’re born these days! Visitors have a host of activities to keep them occupied (as if the floor to ceiling high shelves of Woody and Buzz weren’t enough) including interactive magic mirrors and trees.

The Magic (interactive) Tree…

The Magic Mirror – Waving one of the princess wands in front of it will conjure up one of four well-known Disney princesses

And the fragrance range Imagination is just as charming as the new store. Consisting of 4 products; a home candle, room spray, hand and body lotion and hand wash, it is meant to evoke the scent of an enchanted forest – natural, leafy and fresh. Before I knew this, I genuinely remarked that it reminded me of woodland, so a clever little thing it is! I am told that the top notes are; leaves, wild mint and crystallised white sap, the middle notes; apple skin, watermelon, pine and green ivy and the base notes; vetiver, bark, cedar and moss.

I might also add that their other debut fragrance, Wonder, is AMAZING. Anyone that likes babies or marshmallows will love this!  This one is meant to evoke that scrummy new born baby smell that we all love and actually, it really does. They are very good at making things smell accurate, I’ll say that.

Wonder – yumsies

Next, they plan to bring out 4 new ‘tween’ fragrances entitled; Magic, Pixie Dust, Imagination Winter and A Princess Wish. Oh to be 11 again! I would’ve killed to have just owned something called ‘Pixie Dust’.


One response to “Imagination: “What you’d expect Neverland to smell like…”

  1. I did not know this! Glad Ive been reading your blog.
    I will definitely have to get some of this as gifts for friends (and maybe myself!)
    Please keep up the good work of informing us of new things we may purchase 🙂

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