Vintage appeal: Atelier Mayer shows off its treasures

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend an Atelier Mayer event, hosted by AM director Carmen Haid, in the beautiful Notting Hill home of her close friend. This was one swanky town-house complete with grand piano [being played, I might add] chandeliers, a glass mezzanine overlooking an uber-modern kitchen… You’d think that the products would be in danger of being completely overshadowed [I for one, was pretty bowled over by all this before I even got to the clothes…]…. but then, you get to the clothes.

There’s the grand piano

The event was simply a way of showing items off, as you can’t always grasp their full allure via the website, and so here, everyone got to touch, try on and buy – except me, who just touched, tried on and put back on the rail. (With prices starting at around £400, I resigned myself to sticking with Topshop).

The ground floor housed rails of vintage clothing from an 80s Chloe blazer to a 50s Chanel skirt and sparkly 20s numbers in between. Some of the items were incredible!  Ma fave was the one bearing all white, bridal-esque dresses… It’s important to remember that this wasn’t long after the Royal Wedding and I was still, like, mourning it. I still am. (KM till I die!)

Downstairs housed a marble worktop strewn with what looked like the contents of a pirate’s treasure chest. Welcome to Atelier Mayer accessories.

Then there were the bags….

… And check out the cute little Atelier Mayer bags and roses adorning the front of the house! It’s the AM version of party balloons on the front door.


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