Well, would you LOOK at that! (No, seriously would you look at it please)

It’s that time again boys and girls – the Look blogging competition has returned! For those who don’t know, the prize is the chance to report live from The Look Show in September, aka a dream come true for most fashion bloggers! So just in the nick of time, here is my entry in all its poetry glory:

 I’ve obsessed over fashion since I can remember,

Hoarding tons of magazines beneath my bed.

Now I follow the shows through February and September,

‘Cos a life without fashion fills me with dread!

At school I succumbed to a passion for writing

Poetry, stories and the odd monologue.

All this and fashion I found so inviting,

I combined my interests, by means of a blog

FashionBratt was born in 2010

(Time to embrace my embarrassing surname)

Fashion posts went up again and again

Any shyness I felt I quickly overcame

Today, I blog on anything from shops to shows

With the occasional outfit post in between

I hope that Look will see something in my prose

So I’ll have blogged for you, come this Halloween.


13 responses to “Well, would you LOOK at that! (No, seriously would you look at it please)

  1. oh wow, interesting way to enter, I like it! good luck! xo

  2. DARLSSSSS! I love this?! Did you seriously knock this out last night? Only a darls could do it! And… what happened to entering simply with a picture of my face?!

  3. Haha, cute! Good luck, lovely x

  4. This is amazing! Really unique! You ought to be a finalist for sure xo

  5. Fabulous Bratt,I’d expect nothing less. Love your blog. Have a link on my phone.
    Love xx

  6. Love this! Fingers and Toes crossed! Keep us updated. X

  7. Thanks for the cute comment on my blog post! Good luck too! x

  8. Great entry Emily. Margaret (Br) Attwood would be proud!

  9. Awww, we love your poem!! Thanks for your comment on our entry.

    Good luck 😀

    The Style Rawr! AUK Style and Fashion Blog.


  10. The poem is great, such a good idea – good luck xxx

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