Cruella De Vil vs The Orange Skirt

This here, apart from being a bad quality photo, is my current favourite thing: an American Retro, bright orange, high waisted, midi skirt. I’m still obsessing over midi skirts because this is one of the few trends I feel comfortable wearing. I’ve had to avoid so many trends that I’ve really loved before, as it just hasn’t felt right wearing them. I strongly believe that it’s important to feel confident in what you wear because, as they say, if you don’t, it will show. For example lots of girls look amazing in a fur coat, but I just can’t help feeling like Cruella De Vil when I wear one, and if you’re feeling like a Disney villain, you’re probably not gonna come across very well.

This treasure of a skirt just makes me feel good….. especially when it billows in the wind like I’m in some kind of perfume advert! Do you have any trends that you’ve desperately wanted to pull off but that just haven’t suited you?


One response to “Cruella De Vil vs The Orange Skirt

  1. I agree. You can’t just wear trends, you have to wear what suits you and your figure. This definitely suits you and makes me jealous that I don’t have any midi skirts!! Love it!

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