Camping, with long socks on

Oh my god this place is AMAZING. Not amazing like Alton Towers, or popping candy or cats in hats or anything, but in a picturesque I feel-like-I’m-in-Scandinavia-but-I’m-actually-just-in-Wales kinda way. It’s FashionBratt blog worthy because I need others to know how good it is. First look at the pictures.

Those white bits are people, and we walked up that.

My 21 year old brother saw these photos and his only comment was: ‘You’re wearing those socks for a joke right?’

[Socks: H&M]

Right, so that’s not some mountainous area of Norway, that’s Cwmcarn Forest – just north of Newport. The boyfriend (@trendplanner in case you’re nosey) and I decided to go camping and I found this place in the Cool Camping guide – Wales edition. These Cool Camping books are great btw – whether you’re a seasoned camper looking to try out somewhere new or a first timer needing a bit of direction, the sites they’ve listed are so varied and interesting, I want to try and visit them all and I don’t even really like camping that much!

Cwmcarn forest campsite is completely surrounded by woodland, so although there’s a small town with a Tesco a couple of miles down the road, you can be completely oblivious in your coniferous enclave. The facilities aren’t too shabby, the staff are friendly and very helpful and the place is also famous for mountain biking – with some pretty hardcore trails – so lots of fun to be had! Even if you hate camping, I’d suggest go for the day and do the ‘forest drive’ (a figure of 8 loop around the forest with various stop off points with amazos views and free barbecues!)


One response to “Camping, with long socks on

  1. This place looks so beautiful! You’re right you wouldn’t believe it’s just in Wales. PS. Good socks!

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