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Camping, with long socks on

Oh my god this place is AMAZING. Not amazing like Alton Towers, or popping candy or cats in hats or anything, but in a picturesque I feel-like-I’m-in-Scandinavia-but-I’m-actually-just-in-Wales kinda way. It’s FashionBratt blog worthy because I need others to know how good it is. First look at the pictures.

Those white bits are people, and we walked up that.

My 21 year old brother saw these photos and his only comment was: ‘You’re wearing those socks for a joke right?’

[Socks: H&M]

Right, so that’s not some mountainous area of Norway, that’s Cwmcarn Forest – just north of Newport. The boyfriend (@trendplanner in case you’re nosey) and I decided to go camping and I found this place in the Cool Camping guide – Wales edition. These Cool Camping books are great btw – whether you’re a seasoned camper looking to try out somewhere new or a first timer needing a bit of direction, the sites they’ve listed are so varied and interesting, I want to try and visit them all and I don’t even really like camping that much!

Cwmcarn forest campsite is completely surrounded by woodland, so although there’s a small town with a Tesco a couple of miles down the road, you can be completely oblivious in your coniferous enclave. The facilities aren’t too shabby, the staff are friendly and very helpful and the place is also famous for mountain biking – with some pretty hardcore trails – so lots of fun to be had! Even if you hate camping, I’d suggest go for the day and do the ‘forest drive’ (a figure of 8 loop around the forest with various stop off points with amazos views and free barbecues!)


Imagination: “What you’d expect Neverland to smell like…”

Went along to the launch of Imagination, the new fragrance by Disney, at the new Oxford Street Disney Store last week. Being a self-confessed Disney fan myself (I’m talking old Disney though – Mickey Mouse, Princess Aurora and all that), it was a magical evening for me. Not only have they launched a fragrance range but they have a whole new store with a whollllle neeewww wuurrrlddd within it.

The new concept store made me want to be a child again. At risk of sounding like an Old Mother Hubbard – kids do not know they’re born these days! Visitors have a host of activities to keep them occupied (as if the floor to ceiling high shelves of Woody and Buzz weren’t enough) including interactive magic mirrors and trees.

The Magic (interactive) Tree…

The Magic Mirror – Waving one of the princess wands in front of it will conjure up one of four well-known Disney princesses

And the fragrance range Imagination is just as charming as the new store. Consisting of 4 products; a home candle, room spray, hand and body lotion and hand wash, it is meant to evoke the scent of an enchanted forest – natural, leafy and fresh. Before I knew this, I genuinely remarked that it reminded me of woodland, so a clever little thing it is! I am told that the top notes are; leaves, wild mint and crystallised white sap, the middle notes; apple skin, watermelon, pine and green ivy and the base notes; vetiver, bark, cedar and moss.

I might also add that their other debut fragrance, Wonder, is AMAZING. Anyone that likes babies or marshmallows will love this!  This one is meant to evoke that scrummy new born baby smell that we all love and actually, it really does. They are very good at making things smell accurate, I’ll say that.

Wonder – yumsies

Next, they plan to bring out 4 new ‘tween’ fragrances entitled; Magic, Pixie Dust, Imagination Winter and A Princess Wish. Oh to be 11 again! I would’ve killed to have just owned something called ‘Pixie Dust’.

Hermes: Un Jardin Sur Le Toit

Clockwise from top left Un Jardin En Mediteranee, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Un Jardin Apres La Mousson and Un Jardin Sur Le Toit
I’m a sucker for marketing and there’s nothing I love more than a cosmetic product with a theme. Hermes garden fragrance range has really captured my heart! I would say nose as well, though I haven’t actually sampled any of the range yet, but – hello? – fragrances that reference the Tunisian shoreline and the River Nile, I’m sold!

But let’s focus on the 4th and latest edition to its garden-inspired fragrance range, ‘Un Jardin Sur Le Toit’. Translating as ‘Garden on the Roof’, it refers to the roof garden at Hermes’ Parisian headquarters.

After having travelled to all these other exotic locations, Jean-Claude Ellena, chief perfumer in-house at Hermes, wanted to take inspiration from his home, Paris. To the Hermes roof garden he went, and so captivated by the aroma of herbs and fruits and the scent of the fresh green grass and compost was he, that Un Jardin Sur Le Toit was born.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more quaint, I’ve noticed that the perfume’s box features an illustration of Parisian rooftops, conceived by none other than Philip Dumas, Emile Hermes’s grandson. I can’t wait to sample this and let’s face it, probably buy it..

Hey, it’s ok to make fashion mistakes…

I came across this absolute gem of a video the other day! Harriet Mays Powell chats to Anna Sui about her A/W 2010 collection, and I know I’m trespassing on old collections here, but it’s the video, rather than the clothes that I’m interested in. Look at H M-P’s fashiony blunder at 1:06 where she mistakes one of Anna’s tops for a child’s dress. How refreshing it is to witness something like this! What this says to me is, even fashion directors of renowned magazines make slightly embarrassing mistakes sometimes, so it’s ok to get Gucci and Pucci confused or to think Elie Saab is a women… (it is, however, still not ok to pronounce Versace, Vur-saiss, just to be clear).

I love Anna Sui, she’s just so cute and modest, but I have now developed a genuine admiration and almost affection for Harriet Mays Powell. What a hoot she is! There’s none of the austerity of the standard fashion editor with her, she can laugh at herself. The video acts as a nice little reminder that the fashion world isn’t all severity and aloofness with po-faced editors dictating left, right and centre what we should and shouldn’t be wearing…  cheery editors also dictate left, right and centre what we should and shouldn’t be wearing!

“There’s only one thing the world loves more than a beautiful girl, and that’s a beautiful girl who’s a little bit bad”

I know it’s a bit taboo, but let’s be honest, smoking can sometimes, not always, look quite cool (why else do youngsters start? It’s not because they like taste.) And I don’t think there is a better person to validate my point, than Kate Moss, the epitome of cool, smoking on the Louis Vuitton catwalk.

… Now, before there is a surge of outrage, I’m not saying it IS cool, just that I think we can all admit, that at some point in our lives, we’ve clocked an unlikely candidate lighting up for the first time, and for a split second seen them in a whole new, edgier, light..

As controversial as it sounds, I absolutely love what Marc Jacobs has done here! When it comes to smoking, I’m fairly impartial, I have succumbed the odd cigarette, but I don’t support or encourage it. However, Kate Moss casually smoking a cigarette, whilst walking for one of the most revered fashion labels of all time, in PARIS, on national anti-smoking day, after the announcement of UK plans to hide cigarette packets beneath shop counters, sends a tingle up my spine. 

She has made headlines in the past for her drug abuse and bad choice of rock star boyfriends, and has been snapped countless times pissed, falling out of taxis and smoking; essentially, she oozes rock n roll (without ever having picked up a guitar). So as bad as some of the things she has done are, you can’t get away from the fact that rock n roll is a bit cool. Kate Moss’s smoking on the catwalk is just her giving one last V-sign the system, before she goes back to a life of normality.

Louis Vuitton AW11

Whether you love or hate Kate Moss’s part in the LV show (and I’m sure there is a clear cut divide), you must be able to appreciate the cleverness of it. Not only has she jumped straight back into the limelight after 3 years off (you only have to Google Kate Moss or LV to find a host of related articles), but Marc Jacobs has potentially made one of the most memorable shows in history and placed his collection at the forefront of everyone’s mind. I have never really been a big Louis Vuitton fan, but admittedly, it was the sight of my favourite British icon that lured me to the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 page of, where I sat, clicking away for a good 20 minutes, mesmerized by some of the creations. And even if those flasher macs and maid uniforms only appeal to a select few, special, individuals (…Lady Gaga), those handbags will be everything and everywhere come Autumn.

Title quote from The Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley