Brand love: Minimarket part II

Yeah, not quite finished with raving about Minimarket just yet I’m afraid…

So, if they were going for beautifully demure and serene this Autumn, then they are shaking things up a bit with their coolios S/S12 collection. This time around, inspiration has come from the likes of Cleopatra and Aladdin! And it’s not just the wigs… you see it in the jewellery, the cropped tops and the loose and draped fabric – yums.

Gorgeous photos courtesy of Dazed.




100 Years Of Style In 100 Seconds

For those of you that haven’t seen this already…. it’s Westfield Stratford’s 100-second ‘100 Years of Style’ video to commemorate their grand opening. Ahh those 90s rave sneakers – gorge.

I love this BUT do kind of wish it had been done all in the same place so that the focus is 100% on the clothes. What do you think?

Brand love: Minimarket

Oh YEAH man, just stumbled across Swedish label Minimarket. Sisters Sofie, Jennifer and Pernilla Elvestedt are the designers behind it and their A/W11 collection has a distinctive autumnal theme with lots of auburns and deep red hues. So beautiful…

As much as I love designers embracing brights for their A/W collections and steering clear of the conventional winter black, it’s also really nice when some reflect nature’s colours of the reason. I feel like Minimarket has done just that and done it really well. Looking at the pictures makes me wanna put my bobble hat and boots on and run outside to kick leaves!

….And if the clothes don’t impress? Juuuust take a minute to absorb these.

Anyone that manages to slip Dr Marten-style numbers into their collection has my vote automatically.

Also, they have a fairly strange yet somewhat entrancing campaign video. Sure, the horror movie-style sound effects might chill you to the bone, but it’s quite interesting to watch none-the-less:

Well, would you LOOK at that! (No, seriously would you look at it please)

It’s that time again boys and girls – the Look blogging competition has returned! For those who don’t know, the prize is the chance to report live from The Look Show in September, aka a dream come true for most fashion bloggers! So just in the nick of time, here is my entry in all its poetry glory:

 I’ve obsessed over fashion since I can remember,

Hoarding tons of magazines beneath my bed.

Now I follow the shows through February and September,

‘Cos a life without fashion fills me with dread!

At school I succumbed to a passion for writing

Poetry, stories and the odd monologue.

All this and fashion I found so inviting,

I combined my interests, by means of a blog

FashionBratt was born in 2010

(Time to embrace my embarrassing surname)

Fashion posts went up again and again

Any shyness I felt I quickly overcame

Today, I blog on anything from shops to shows

With the occasional outfit post in between

I hope that Look will see something in my prose

So I’ll have blogged for you, come this Halloween.

New Season: Mini Review

Back in February I wasn’t that enamoured with the collection images that flooded the internet off the back of fashion week.  Then 3 weeks ago I bought the Elle Runway Edit and have pored over its images nearly everyday since. This happens every season; I’m not fussed by what I see online but as soon as I get my hands on a hard copy, I’m sold. I defy anyone with an interest in fashion not to obsess over the Elle collections book… with its funky layout, witty captions and above all those FANTASTIC matte pages. Let’s face it guys, that matte-ness is a major contributing factor in the buying of the Elle collections book, over say, the Vogue version (that is, if you’re not already buying both, which I did, but whatevs that’s not the point).

There’s just something so beautiful and professional looking about the Elle Runway Edit. This is why I shoot my all-things-digital-loving boyf down when he proclaims print is dead! To me, having a hard, non-glossy copy of the best collections of the season, to sit with all its predecessors and be flicked through whenever, is unrivalled.

So thanks to Elle I have been re-inspired! I am hugely excited about the forthcoming androgynous and Navajo trends for A/W11 not to mention the crazy mish-mash of prints that’s still flying around – because I still haven’t plucked up the courage to don an outrageous clashing print mix yet.

Firstly, Mary Katrantzou, I have watched you from the side lines since your debut, and now I’m ready to come out and say it, you’re my hero (or heroine, but hero sounds better.) What an absolute feast for the eyes with that delicious explosion of colour and pattern. I would never have thought that an intricate floral pattern with a cheeky chicken’s head thrown in could be beautiful, until you came along, Mary.

Same goes for you, Jonathan Saunders … with your geometric graphical prints that are so visually entertaining they make your eyes feel funny. I love the variety too: damask and leaves and stripes and triangles printed all over bright dresses and midi skirts (yesss the midi’s still here for winter). Plus you’ve only gone and done preppy! Jonathan, thanks, I LOVE PREPPY. I can’t afford your clothes, but I will be buying all the Topshop clones of those button-up shirts with sharp collars.

Stella, great. I look forward to channelling my inner boy this year with inspiration from your collection. This season I will be more focussed on the MadMen as opposed to the ladies – braces, fedoras, oversized blazers, you better watch yourselves!

And Chloe….if I ever needed another reason to love you,  it’d be that bloody brilliant patchwork Navajo shawl (not the emerald green, shiny, shake skin skirt I’m afraid).



So as it turns out, there’s more to Nike than trainers

Whilst out and about with the boyfriend t’other day, he started harping on about this Nike shop he wanted to visit.  I was reluctant, seeing as these visits normally see me slouched, bored on a neon pouf (it’s always a neon pouf) waiting for him to decide over light or dark blue dunks. However this one turned out to actually be pretty interesting, so much so that I decided to make it into a post.

So nestled under a railway bridge in the heart of uber cool Shoreditch is the 1948 Nike store, or retail space, if you will. It’s a shop selling the latest Nike collaborations and limited editions, but it’s also a gallery, event space and sports club (it has its own running club that convenes here weekly).

So while said boyfriend was drooling over some brightly coloured sportswear, I was checking out the ‘space’ itself.

The industrial interior is a fusion of bare brick and new corrugated metallic sheets, giving the place that whole urban feel, and there are floor to ceiling digital screens showing a film called ‘Live for London’ by up and coming film maker Tyrone Lebon (the very same cool dude that did the Topshop Trends film.)

That fantastic artwork is the produce of genius graffiti duo BestEver. And you may have noticed there’s a bit of a theme going on… well, this was around the time Wimbledon was on, hence… tennis. I learnt though, that the aesthetics of the place will constantly be changing to reflect various sporting events. The screens too, will also show things like football matches.

Other features include some funky bleachers and also a mezzanine area with magazines (including LOVE) to read, ipads on which to check out the 1948 Nike app and a meeting table to, er, hold meetings at… No, people do genuinely hold meetings here. You’re actually actively encouraged to come up to this bit and chill out. It’s great! We’ve come a long way since the days of being barked at in newsagents for flicking through the magazines…

Also check out John McEnroe’s and Maria Sharapova’s ‘canned air’, as per the old ad.

All in all, a great little place. Fun, even if you’re not a hardcore urbanite, like me.

Today I’m Wearing…. A Thrifted Wonder

I haven’t tended to do many personal style posts before, as I think I just felt a bit shy…. Well, I’ll tell you who isn’t shy – THIS BLOODY SKIRT. She has been out and about with me everywhere since I bought her 2 weeks ago in a charity shop in Cornwall… for £3.50!! THREE POUNDS FIFTY.

Sure, it may prevent me from breathing sufficiently (that top button does not cater for a thick waist), but who needs breathing when you’ve got a £3.50 on-trend midi-skirt at your disposal? Not me!

Earrings, Miss Selfridge // Necklace, Urban Outfitters // Top, Warehouse // Ring, Topshop // Skirt, Cornish Charity Shop // Pumps, Topshop