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A Blog for the Clog

I realise I’m a little late with this one but I think the clog craze is still worth a mention. Normally the arrival of a new trend pushes me in one of two directions – I fall in love or I um and arr until I see enough celebrities looking gorgeous in it, to be convinced…. then I go shopping.

Clogs are another story. No matter how long I stare at that Chanel pair swallowing Alexa Chung’s delicate fairy’s ankles I can’t bring myself to like the big clompers! I’ve always thought Alexa looked a beaut in anything – and she still does, from the ankles up. But I don’t see how those big brown hooves reminiscent of Clarks’ back to school range, can do anyone any justice. And it’s clear from the picture that she’s not very happy about being made to wear them either….

I first thought… heyyy, easy there Hannah Betts… when she described clogs as ‘monstrous’, but the more I’m exposed to them, the more I have to agree. When I first caught wind of the mighty Clog return I was imagining, admittedly a little naively, authentic Dutch style, wooden pointy wonders. I thought … oooh how interesting… but to my horror, these ugly shoe boots emerged and they remind me of this sorry pair of second hand platform mules I wore to a school disco at the age of 13. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a fan of school chic as the next person (thinking… Mary Janes…. Brogues… etc) but I feel like Chanel have taken it a step too far. Back in my school days, clip-clopping into school in clogs may have gained you (at a push) the reputation of the ‘quirky but quiet European girl’… but you certainly wouldn’t have been some sparkling fashionista. To me, the fact of the matter is: clogs weren’t cool back then, then and they’re still not cool now.