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‘Washed Up’ at Selfridges

So, as many of you will already know, Selfridges has recently partnered with several environmental and conservation groups and launched ‘Project Ocean’, a campaign to celebrate and raise awareness of the endangered oceans. ‘Washed Up’, as part of the project, is an installation exhibition featuring ocean-inspired garments and accessories, by a range of designers. For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to visit, I will tell you about it, because it’s just brillo pads. (Who doesn’t like fashion for a good cause?!)

The ‘Wonder Room’, (a space in the store that’s dedicated specifically to luxury items) has been transformed into a surreal (and actually slightly haunting) beach scene, complete with a weathered wooden boardwalk and a scattering of dead, bleached coral, with the displays of encased mannequins dotted along the side.

According to Judith Clark, the curator, ‘the objects in the exhibition have been selected to reflect the changing nature of the ocean’s inspiring depths.’

Each section shows creations inspired by different aspects of the sea. The photograph below shows the display of ‘seaside dresses’ from the late 1800s.

Highlights of the exhibition are pieces from Alexander McQueen’s Atlantis collection, inspired by the beautiful mythology of Plato’s narrative….

Alexander McQueen: Atlantis

…as well as Gareth Pugh’s Fishscale Dress (the very one that Beyonce wore in her recent Run The World video)…

…and Hussein Chalayan’s S/S07 ‘Bubble Dress’ and ‘Airbourne LED Dress’ (unfortunately the photo doesn’t really do this one justice, as the dress actually glows with multicoloured lights)

Other notable creations included the array of hats… It was great to be able to see the infamous Philip Treacy lobster hat up close and personal (actually lent by Gaga herself to Selfridges). Also a big fan of Naomi Filmer’s crystal swimming cap.

Even for those that aren’t big on the whole fashion thing, this is a great exhibition: so insightful and thoroughly interesting. And apart from anything else, it’s free!

There are also various other Project Ocean-related activities throughout the store. A cinema room shows a short film on the horrors of shark fishing but there is also a whale rodeo (yes, really) to lighten the mood a bit.

You can donate to Project Ocean via various mediums, including buying from the slogan tees, bags and accessories collection.