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It Was Acceptable In The 80s….

Eugh I make myself baulk at how much I’ve neglected my blog over the last 3 weeks! I wish I could say there’s some exciting reason as to why, but sadly not, just that a busy internship and a bout of the flu (which made me want to do nothing bar lie listlessly and catch up on missed Neighbours episodes) have prevented solid blogging.

But now I’m back and ready to tell you about this amazing find my friend picked up at a vintage fair. An Italian Harper’s Bazaar from the 80s!

Things I love about this magazine:

1)  It’s not a magazine, it’s a bloody text book. Not sure that the picture shows it very well, but this bad boy is AN INCH thick.

the welcome page...

2)  The hair!! I think somewhere deep within, after having seen so many comedic takes on the 80s, I didn’t really believe that women actually had hairstyles like that. But as this mag evidences, they really did. Jeez.

3)  The fact that some of the outfits are outrageously 80s (and quite revolting), but others actually parallel current trends.

4) The lack of airbrushing (see below). Those moles would never be allowed these days.

Also the whole thing is pretty much just adverts, and I thought modern day mags were bad! But in this case it was fine, because it’s not like I speak Italian anyway.



The H&M Carrie (sort of..) skirt

I saw this skirt glowing in a tired corner of an H&M store in Knightsbridge and immediately the Sex and the City opening credits flashed through my mind. Ok so it’s not a tutu like Carrie’s but it’s the closest I’ve seen the high street come to producing such a skirt. So obvs I bought it (I am a HUGE Carrie B fan).

Only problemo is the pinchy elasticated waistband. By pinchy I mean that unless you have the washboard abs of Kelly Holmes you will undoubtedly get severe love handles. (I have tried to stretch the elastic by pulling it several times, but to no avail – anyone got tips on how to help elastic lose its elasticity??)

I have come up with quite a good solution though – thick scarf round waist acts as a corset and minimises lumps and bumps.

Green tank and black top, both Primark // Skirt, H&M // Shoes, New Look // Brooch, vintage // Scarf worn as belt, vintage // Pineapple necklace, Accessorize // Envelope necklace, Urban Outfitters

Brand love: Minimarket part II

Yeah, not quite finished with raving about Minimarket just yet I’m afraid…

So, if they were going for beautifully demure and serene this Autumn, then they are shaking things up a bit with their coolios S/S12 collection. This time around, inspiration has come from the likes of Cleopatra and Aladdin! And it’s not just the wigs… you see it in the jewellery, the cropped tops and the loose and draped fabric – yums.

Gorgeous photos courtesy of Dazed.