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Next Summer no nos: House of Holland

I’ve never been a fan of House of Holland, but then…. is that a stupid thing to say? Cos aren’t you not meant to like his stuff or something?! There’s so much irony and piss taking in his collections that it gets tiring… Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s all about having fun, reaching out to the cool kids and all, but I want him to do something that’s a little less jovial and a little more wearable (and  by wearable I DON’T mean that awful line at Debenhams).

But Henry’s blasted away my anguish with his edgy S/S collection… well, almost. Oooh it’s all so preppy and slick and funky, but wait a minute, what are those disGUSTing fluffy balls hanging stupidly at the jaw line of the model’s serious face? Oh whyyyy have you done this Henry? They ruin the whole look! Was he worried that he was slipping into the role of a more serious fashion designer (and also that his collection is very similar toChristopher Kane A/W)? So he needed something that’d pump the fun back into it – and what says silliness and good times better than pom pom earrings? It was just as fun without them Henry IT WAS JUST AS FUN WITHOUT THEM!

However, I’ll let him off because those metallic pleated skirts are fantastic and I like his pointy little face.