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“This is the most ‘couture’ couture I have ever done” – Riccardo Tisci

Givenchy, Autumn Collection, 2010


1600 hours of hand embroidery? Presented in one of the finest houses in Paris?  This is haute couture at a whole new level.

If there was ever the realisation that haute couture was out of my reach, this was it. Riccardo Tisci’s decision to end the couture catwalk show and have “People really experience the couture moment – see it, touch it”, makes you fantasize for a moment that he means all of us minions can rock up and frolic in the frocks. Of course he doesn’t mean that.

It’s also not as cost effective as it sounds either as the presentation cost 35% more than a catwalk show. And I imagine that’s quite a lot.

I absolutely love that this collection is inspired by Frida Kahlo, whose work, I might add, both Tisci and I share a love for. (Oh god! Does this mean we’re destined to be BFFs??) He’s also taken inspiration from the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’ and some parts of several different garments bear subtle resemblances to the human anatomy (the skeleton, the knuckles etc.) After gothic overloads from people like Gareth Pugh, I think Tisci’s subtly is so refreshing.

(All pictures are from the wonderful Style.com)