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Socks and sandals (but in a good way)

I have been really enjoying and embracing the whole visible socks thing this spring/summer. Finally we no longer need to be ashamed of our socks! Remember back in school – you wore trainer socks or, if you weren’t cool enough to own a pair of those, you folded socks back over your foot, either way UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES  were socks ever allowed to be seen … or you risked being ostracized or bullied out of town. I hated those days of sock embarrassment, not because I liked socks – all my socks were M&S, navy, 5 in a pack beauties – but mainly because the double layer of folded over sock meant that my feet were constantly squeezed into tight leather school shoes – and that hurt. Oh what we did for fashion! So now, a long way from schoolyard, I have been looking back at some of the gorgeous socks and heels combos on the s/s catwalks and seeking out beautiful socks in the stores to try and recreate the look.

Miu Miu bejewelled socks.... mmmm

Burberry Prorsum

Christian Dior

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

And thank GOD the end is not nigh! The trend continues into Autumn, with a whole new emphasis placed on cosy dressing! I can’t wait to wear something other than tights / trousers this Autumn to blanket my legs.

From Topshop Outsiders collection

Topshop Dark Nouveau Collection

Well my weekend’s decided then, I’m heading straight to Topshop to get my paws on some chunky knit socks / leg warmers.