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Maximum Effort

The maxi skirt was another of those trends that instilled an irrational fear within me. I had no qualms about the maxi dress – having seen enough photos of bronzed Lauren Conrad sailing down LA streets in one, to convince me of their beauty. But the maxi… skirt? Is that not just one of those multi-fabric, multi-coloured monstrosities that hung in Topshop etc (as well as those shops that smell really strongly of incense and sell rain sticks..) many summers ago? Or perhaps it’s one of those grey wool, slim line efforts that the over 60s wear because knee length is no longer acceptable? Well, several gorgeous editorials over the winter months, including this one in the January issue of Company, have shown me that the maxi skirt is in fact a beautiful and practical way of staying boho and fairytale-esque after the last of the summer sun. But if you’re not down with such dreamy femininity, you can take the grungy stance and pair with baggy jumpers and worker boots. And so, nobody can say anything about not dressing appropriately for winter. It’s the perfect winter garment!