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Cycling Shorts

Chanel Resort S/S 2010, taken from Style.com

…I have been all over these like a fox in a bin bag. I’ve seen a few mixed reactions to this type of short across the blogs; some baulk and some go berserk. I go berserk. I think the baulkers just need time to come around. Sure, cycling shorts as a trend instils the same sort of worry as leggings once did – that you are on the road to becoming a crimped fringed fitness instructor from the 80s. But leggings are now a staple fashion item, everyone needs a pair of leggings like they need a toothbrush. And this is how cycling shorts should be.

For one, they are a saviour when it comes to too-short shorts. Just when you thought you’d have to crash diet to be able to wear your hotpants responsibly, you can now fish them back out from the depths of your wardrobe, and slip on over a pair of lace cycling shorts. Flesh hidden. Problem solved.

However, another problem that I am yet to solve is that of letchy looks on the tube. I suppose, to the untrained eye, lace shorts can look a weeny bit like you’re out in your underwear… Ach well, that’s better than looking like humpty dumpty, which is what sprang to my friend’s mine when he recently saw me in high-waisted denim shorts with braces.

laying down the lace

Laying down the lace 1

My ones - from missguided.co.uk