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Well, would you LOOK at that! (No, seriously would you look at it please)

It’s that time again boys and girls – the Look blogging competition has returned! For those who don’t know, the prize is the chance to report live from The Look Show in September, aka a dream come true for most fashion bloggers! So just in the nick of time, here is my entry in all its poetry glory:

 I’ve obsessed over fashion since I can remember,

Hoarding tons of magazines beneath my bed.

Now I follow the shows through February and September,

‘Cos a life without fashion fills me with dread!

At school I succumbed to a passion for writing

Poetry, stories and the odd monologue.

All this and fashion I found so inviting,

I combined my interests, by means of a blog

FashionBratt was born in 2010

(Time to embrace my embarrassing surname)

Fashion posts went up again and again

Any shyness I felt I quickly overcame

Today, I blog on anything from shops to shows

With the occasional outfit post in between

I hope that Look will see something in my prose

So I’ll have blogged for you, come this Halloween.