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Get Cape Wear Cape (and Parka and Camel Coat) Fly

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited by Autumn. Moreover I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited by… coats. Urgh is that pathetic? Maybe not if you feast your eyes on the coat bonanza that is Autumn 2010. We can take our pick… from grungy parkas and sheepskin aviators to cosy camels and fairy-tale capes.

I picked up this little Tommy Hilfiger number on my travels in Asia last year. As a parka virgin, I quickly become obsessed, refusing to take it off despite the sweltering heat inside restaurants, and ignoring its padded, restrictive nature which made delicate sushi eating difficult.

Sometimes I worry that my excitement over a trip to The Great Wall was mainly down to the fact that I could get away with legitimately wearing my parka and use it to it’s full potential! (We were there in December, and to say it was cold is an understatement) My parka is not the flimsy, canvass, Topshop kind, (though I do like those too) this is a robust jacket, kitted out with tartan fleece lining, ready to take on the elements with you!

Parka takin' on those elements

So normally I want to cry at the thought of the summer’s end, when all the ease of floating out of the house in just a dress gradually becomes unfeasible and frantically scrabbling around for your jacket, scarf and gloves, late for work becomes the norm. Well now with outerwear as the main event on the Autumn catwalks, showcasing some amazingly cool and intricately made coats, wrapping up for outside will be my favourite part of the day.