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Weddings and Charity Shops: Match Made in Heaven

Can you wear something from a charity shop to a wedding? The answer is yes. As long as when people say ‘ooooh great dress, where’s it from’ (which they did, no modesty spared in this post) you say ‘oh it’s vintage’. Well, it is isn’t it? It’s not new, I know that much. So here’s what I wore to my beautiful friend’s wedding: a little number plucked from a humble Clapham High Street charity shop. Who said all the best charros are in Richmond?

Me… Earrings: Topshop // Dress: charity shop // Bracelet: Vintage // Shoes: Vintage. My pal Georgie… Hat: M&S // Dress: French Connection // Bag: Vintage // Wedge Sandals: All Saints

PS. It was November and an autumnal theme, so I managed to get away with the black.


Cruella De Vil vs The Orange Skirt

This here, apart from being a bad quality photo, is my current favourite thing: an American Retro, bright orange, high waisted, midi skirt. I’m still obsessing over midi skirts because this is one of the few trends I feel comfortable wearing. I’ve had to avoid so many trends that I’ve really loved before, as it just hasn’t felt right wearing them. I strongly believe that it’s important to feel confident in what you wear because, as they say, if you don’t, it will show. For example lots of girls look amazing in a fur coat, but I just can’t help feeling like Cruella De Vil when I wear one, and if you’re feeling like a Disney villain, you’re probably not gonna come across very well.

This treasure of a skirt just makes me feel good….. especially when it billows in the wind like I’m in some kind of perfume advert! Do you have any trends that you’ve desperately wanted to pull off but that just haven’t suited you?

The H&M Carrie (sort of..) skirt

I saw this skirt glowing in a tired corner of an H&M store in Knightsbridge and immediately the Sex and the City opening credits flashed through my mind. Ok so it’s not a tutu like Carrie’s but it’s the closest I’ve seen the high street come to producing such a skirt. So obvs I bought it (I am a HUGE Carrie B fan).

Only problemo is the pinchy elasticated waistband. By pinchy I mean that unless you have the washboard abs of Kelly Holmes you will undoubtedly get severe love handles. (I have tried to stretch the elastic by pulling it several times, but to no avail – anyone got tips on how to help elastic lose its elasticity??)

I have come up with quite a good solution though – thick scarf round waist acts as a corset and minimises lumps and bumps.

Green tank and black top, both Primark // Skirt, H&M // Shoes, New Look // Brooch, vintage // Scarf worn as belt, vintage // Pineapple necklace, Accessorize // Envelope necklace, Urban Outfitters

Today I’m Wearing…. A Thrifted Wonder

I haven’t tended to do many personal style posts before, as I think I just felt a bit shy…. Well, I’ll tell you who isn’t shy – THIS BLOODY SKIRT. She has been out and about with me everywhere since I bought her 2 weeks ago in a charity shop in Cornwall… for £3.50!! THREE POUNDS FIFTY.

Sure, it may prevent me from breathing sufficiently (that top button does not cater for a thick waist), but who needs breathing when you’ve got a £3.50 on-trend midi-skirt at your disposal? Not me!

Earrings, Miss Selfridge // Necklace, Urban Outfitters // Top, Warehouse // Ring, Topshop // Skirt, Cornish Charity Shop // Pumps, Topshop

I only told you, you got it all maxed out

Just to go back to maxis for a second (and then I promise I’ll move on..) here is an example of one of those wonderful winter ones! I meant to blog about this dress back in November when I first bought it, but I sort of got side tracked, and then with Spring fashions sneaking up on us, I thought it was by now irrelevant. But wearing it again today confirmed that dresses like this ARE NEVER IRRELEVANT. It is by American Retro, and before you start thinking I’m Miss Money Bags, I seized it for the pretty little price of £50 (reduced from around £200) at the brand’s sample sale. Bargs. I might just get it its own wardrobe, because it doesn’t deserve to be stuffed in there with all those Topshop or H&M dresses, it’s like the fashion equivalent of making Olivia Palermo stay in a Travelodge.

Now this is a winter maxi is ever I saw one. Just look at that slightly haunting and ethereal owl print, it just emanates the chilling feel of a crisp and black winter’s eve. Oooh lovely. What’s more, it gets a tick in the good for pear shapes column. It’s very loose fitting, and yes, my wide bottom half isn’t completely invisible, but at least it’s not clinging to every ounce of flesh, (see earlier maxi posts for full maxi dress rant).

So i’ve gushed about it for 2 paragraphs, and now I’m going to tell you that I don’t think you can buy anywhere anymore. Sorry about that. Oh well, you’ll just have to enjoy the photos of it instead.

Today I’m Wearing…

I bought this dress about 3 years ago from…. (dare I say it) Primark. I’ve recently rediscovered it with all its vintage-style shift brocade glory, and I am not ashamed to admit that this is a dress I am proud to own… even if it did only cost twelve pounds. Twelve pounds!

And 10 out of 10 for the mother figure from whom the lace waistcoat came as a birthday present.

Hat, Vintage // Dress, Primark // Lace waistcoat, Warehouse // Socks & Platforms, both Topshop

Cycling Shorts

Chanel Resort S/S 2010, taken from Style.com

…I have been all over these like a fox in a bin bag. I’ve seen a few mixed reactions to this type of short across the blogs; some baulk and some go berserk. I go berserk. I think the baulkers just need time to come around. Sure, cycling shorts as a trend instils the same sort of worry as leggings once did – that you are on the road to becoming a crimped fringed fitness instructor from the 80s. But leggings are now a staple fashion item, everyone needs a pair of leggings like they need a toothbrush. And this is how cycling shorts should be.

For one, they are a saviour when it comes to too-short shorts. Just when you thought you’d have to crash diet to be able to wear your hotpants responsibly, you can now fish them back out from the depths of your wardrobe, and slip on over a pair of lace cycling shorts. Flesh hidden. Problem solved.

However, another problem that I am yet to solve is that of letchy looks on the tube. I suppose, to the untrained eye, lace shorts can look a weeny bit like you’re out in your underwear… Ach well, that’s better than looking like humpty dumpty, which is what sprang to my friend’s mine when he recently saw me in high-waisted denim shorts with braces.

laying down the lace

Laying down the lace 1

My ones - from missguided.co.uk