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Fairytales, Fantasy and Marchesa dresses

Marchesa Luisa Casati

Of course it’s always exciting to see the barmy, controversial and never-done-before creations that are thrown up every season by a select few designers.  But every now and then I just like to swoon over the more elegant designs. A few posts ago I mentioned Marchesa, a label that that takes inspiration from Marchesa Luisa Casati. There is nothing I love more than labels with interesting muses, and seeing as Luisa Casati was a woman who paraded cheetahs around on diamond encrusted leashes and wore snakes as jewellery, you can predict that Marchesa as a label will be fraught with opulence and charm before you’ve even studied the clothes.

And the clothes, of course, are intensely beautiful and womanly, hence the huge celebrity following. Sometimes I get bored of edgy, ultra modern designers like Wang or Betsey Johnson, and just want to revert to my 7 year old Cinderella-loving self and appreciate Georgina and Keren’s fairytale and fantasy-like creations which have the power to turn any woman into a princess (….or a poisonous yet beautiful witch, or a fearless Mulan-style, warrior girl!)


Olivia, she’s so Wilde

Oh Em Gee. How totes gorge did Livs look at the Globes?

I do love all the best dressed pictures that appear after award ceremonies – nothing quite like indulging in a bit of bitchy judging from the safety of your laptop screen.

Often, I don’t agreed with the some of the best dressed candidates – like old Kirsten here in a Prada dress at some charity do.


According to TeenVogue, she was one of the best dressed… Wow, that event must’ve have been wild. But who am I to judge, I read award ceremony coverage in magazines and think ‘yeah, that dress definitely deserves the best dressed list’ only to discover it’s not listed in that one…

But OLIVIA is something else in that Marchesa dress. It’s like something out of Cinderella! I’ve always been an Olivia Wilde fan since the days of the O.C. where I fancied her in a I’m-not-a-lesbian-but-neither-was-Marissa kind of way. I have always admired her feline features and deep American voice. Oh and bless her, she was only quoted as saying that she didn’t eat before the Globes, so that she could fit into her dress – oh gosh she’s just like you or me!! I once didn’t eat just before I had to fit into a certain dress, god we’ve got so much in common! Maybe I’ll write her…

Anyway… this has got me totally hooked on Marchesa, whose dresses are overwhelmingly beautiful; oozing femininity and fantasy. More on that later.